• Boying Jin

    Boying Jin

  • Betty Shamieh

    Betty Shamieh

    Writer-in-residence at the Classical Theatre of Harlem, shameless performance artist, shy soccer mom www.bettyshamieh.com. Email: bettyplaywright@gmail.com

  • Lindsey Liu

    Lindsey Liu

    Product Manager at Simpplr. Previously Android Engineer at Yahoo/Polyvore. TheRealLindseyLiu@gmail.com

  • Lene Leth Rasmussen

    Lene Leth Rasmussen

  • Chancie Zheng

    Chancie Zheng

    UX designers currently studying in California College of the Arts in SF

  • anabel S

    anabel S

  • Bstow


    Bstow is an app that automatically rounds up your spare change and sends it to the charity of your choice. Bstowapp.com

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